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Windows 7 32/64bit drivers

GadgetLabs WavePro series – GadgetLabs_Driver_4.2.0.2

Driver Source
GadgetLabs WavePro series source – GadgetLabs_Driver_4.2.0.2_Source

We have this driver thanks to Mostek and everyone at the Yahoo Gadgetlabs group. Please take the time to read the request.txt in ‘Help me with my Dream’ directory

Windows XP drivers
GadgetLabs WavePro series (with control panel preview) – GadgetLabs_3.4.4.13

Driver Source
GadgetLabs WavePro series source (with control panel preview) – GadgetLabs_3.4.4.13_source


Windows NT/2000 drivers

Version 1.09
Date: 13 April 2000
Filename : wpnt109

Version 1.10
Date: 30 June 2000
Filename : nt496110

Version 1.10
Date: 30 June 2000
Filename : nt424110

Version 1.10
Date: 15 September 1998
Filename : w4ntdv11

The windows 2000 driver is the same as the NT 4.0 driver.
Setup instructions
Setup example.

Windows 98/ME drivers

V4.5 Mostek Release4 WavePro family
December 16, 2001
Filename : WavePro_4.5_Mostek_R4

This driver was developed by Mostek – a member of It improves ASIO latency times by allowing smaller buffer sizes, and fixes some issues found in the original GL 4.5 release. Use at own risk.

WavePRO Family
Version: 4.5
Date: 27 June 2000
Filename : wpdrv45
This driver supports the Wave/824, Wave/496, and Wave/424.

Version: 3.30
Date: 1 February 1998
Filename: w4drv330.exe

MAC OS 8/9 drivers

Version: 2.2.5
Date: 6 April 2000
Filename: w824mac225

Version: 2.2.5
Date: 6 April 2000
Filename: w496mac225

Version: 2.2.5
Date: 6 April 2000
Filename: w424mac225

Linux Driver

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